CONNECTABOUT is a research center focusing on emerging talent at the intersection of fine arts, fashion, and culture.

In 2017, a new era dawned in the realm of fashion, art, and technology. The once-mighty realms of MySpace and Tumblr, were marked by the spirit of discovery, the endless scroll, and the mindful curation of content that enchanted the souls of creators and enthusiasts alike. When Yahoo came into play, the winds of change blew, and the landscape was quickly dominated by Facebook and Instagram likes. The attention economy threatened to consume the very essence of creativity, diluting the essence of the digital communities that had once formed around real shared interests and aesthetics. 

In 2018, NEWLIFE recognized the need for a space that nurtured the new era of creativity and rewarded novelty in positive feedback loop. The platform sought to restore the power to the creators and bring forth a renaissance of artistic expression. 

NEWLIFE started to stood as a testament to the creative spirit, a light of hope for the aesthetics pioneers whose work had been stifled by the homogenizing algorithms of Web 2.0. A voting system for content sharing allowed users to assess the relevance of what they were consuming. Each interaction fueled an AI that adeptly recognized trending patterns, based on collective consensus made up of individual judgments. The mission of NEWLIFE was to ignite the creative spark within each individual, offering a mesmerizing experience that redefined self-expression and contributed to a regenerative digital ecosystem. This aimed to empower users to create, discover, and connect through a different approach to fashion and commodities, beyond just the fast releases of dopamine of Instagram likes and it did rapidly transformed the underground fashion landscape community. NEWLIFE sought to nurture communities of digital artists who formed clusters of intelligence that would delineate the upcoming trends.
“We want to create a culture where people understand what they [algorithms] are and understand how they're designed.”
The year 2019 marked the introduction of NU'VI (now called new.graph), a democratic algorithm that placed AI as an amplifier of human capacities. As the platform soared, it amassed a vast expanse of inputs from aesthetic innovators in the domains of visual arts, fashion, graphic design, and architecture. The soul of NU’VI reads, indexes, and analyzes, and filters through machine learning while also developing anomaly detection, trading bots, analytics, and AI-assisted decision-making. All this generates the most accurate trend predictions.

Forging alliances with the titans of the tech world, NEWLIFE established partnerships with NVIDIA and OpenAI, as well as creating the Farfetch accelerator. The platform attracted luminaries such as Grimes, Arca, Virgen Maria, and Brooke Candy, who wielded NEWLIFE as their creative instrument.

Throughout the years, NEWLIFE has been a beacon of hope for creatives seeking an alternative to the mainstream social media landscape. With a strong emphasis on community, decentralization, and transparency, NEWLIFE has been a trendsetter, foreseeing the convergence of fashion, technology, and art.

With over 20,000 members, 450,000 sessions, and more than 6 million records, NEWLIFE emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The platform was recognized by revered publications such as Dazed, Vice, Times, and Coeval Magazine, and attracted a diverse range of creators, from established artists like Grimes, Arca, Virgen Maria, and Brooke Candy, to up-and-coming creators who had yet to make their mark. NEWLIFE nurtured and rewarded the contributions of all creators through its peer-to-peer curatorial process.